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Migrate To Microsoft Teams

Legacy file data often expose organizations to excessive open access risks and lack built-in lifecycle management. This traditional infrastructure neither empowers data ownership nor facilitates enduser collaboration. Migrating to modern collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive is essential to address these vulnerabilities and foster a dynamic, secure, and collaborative workspace.

Solution Overview

Our "Migrate to Microsoft Teams" solution provides businesses a streamlined avenue to shift from their traditional unstructured file servers to the cohesive environment of Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.

Data Transformation

Data Transformation

Before initiating migration, a crucial process called data transformation is undertaken. This pivotal step transitions unstructured data and folder structures into semi-structured functional teams and channels in Microsoft Teams

Privilege Activity Monitoring

Privilege Activity Monitoring

A significant challenge in data migration is preserving access controls and data ownership. Our solution intricately weaves this aspect into the migration process. As data moves, its access parameters remain intact, and clear data ownership is established, substantially reducing potential security risks.

Reduce Standing Privileges

Reduce Standing Privileges

Leveraging the capabilities of industry stalwarts like Netwrix, Movebot, and IAMCloud, our solution ensures a smooth, secure, and effective migration experience. This collaboration offers businesses the confidence that their data remains in the safest hands throughout the migration journey.

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Eevabits champions the cause of Data Privacy & Compliance, offering solutions that are tailored to uphold the sanctity of your data.

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Solution Onboarding

Netwrix Managed Services

Data Transformation Assessment

Data Ownership Onboarding

End-User Experience

Data Migration

Post Migration Support

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Data Discovery

Access Control Auditing

Event Auditing

Data Ownership Identification

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Data Migration Preparation

Fast & Secure Data Migration

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Cloud Drive Mapping to enhance

End-User Experience

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