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Privileged Access Management

Privileged accounts have the keys to the kingdom, and it's imperative to manage them with the utmost care. If mishandled or misconfigured, these accounts can become a prime target for cyber adversaries. Without comprehensive Privileged Access Management, organizations leave themselves exposed to severe breaches and internal misuse.

Solution Overview

Eevabits' Privilege Access Management solutions emphasize accurate Privilege Account Identification, continuous Privilege Activity Monitoring, and the strategic reduction of standing privileges, crafting a fortified environment that minimizes threats and champions the principle of least privilege.

Privilege Account Identification

Privilege Account Identification

At the heart of any robust Privilege Access Management system is the ability to accurately identify and catalog all privileged accounts. Eevabits emphasizes the importance of thorough Privilege Account Identification, ensuring that every privileged account, no matter how deeply embedded, is recognized and accounted for. This foundational step ensures that there are no overlooked vulnerabilities within the organization.

Privilege Activity Monitoring

Privilege Activity Monitoring

Once identified, continuous vigilance is key. Eevabits' solutions prioritize Privilege Activity Monitoring, providing real-time oversight of all actions undertaken by these high-access accounts. This granular monitoring ensures that any anomalous or unauthorized behavior is swiftly detected, mitigated, and documented, further strengthening the organization's security posture.

Reduce Standing Privileges

Reduce Standing Privileges

Too often, privileges granted are left unchecked, leading to potential security vulnerabilities. Eevabits' approach to Privilege Access Management advocates for the reduction of standing privileges. By ensuring that elevated privileges are granted only when necessary and for a finite period, we minimize the risk of internal threats and potential breaches, upholding the principle of least privilege.

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Eevabits champions the cause of Data Privacy & Compliance, offering solutions that are tailored to uphold the sanctity of your data.

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