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Celebrating 3 Years of Excellence and Embracing a Vibrant New Identity.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

As we pause to reflect on three dynamic years in the intricate world of Data Security Solutions and Services, our hearts swell with gratitude and excitement. From our inception, Eevabits has been driven by a singular mission: to rigorously enhance our customers’ data security profile. Our dedication has centered on ensuring steadfast protection of critical data assets from both hidden internal risks and evident external threats.

A Journey to Remember

Over these years, we've had the privilege to partner with a myriad of clients, helping them navigate their data security challenges with:

  • Data Risk & Security Assessment Services

  • Netwrix Managed Services

  • Data Risk Remediation Services

These services have been pillars of our identity, allowing us to establish trust and showcase our expertise in the realm of data security.

Evolving with Time: Our Fresh Face

Today's digital landscape is ever-changing, prompting businesses to stay agile and ahead of the curve. At Eevabits, we've always believed in leading the way. As we celebrate our third anniversary, we're thrilled to unveil a significant transformation - a rebrand that reflects our growth, aspirations, and commitment to being future-centric.

We present to you a contemporary, refreshed Eevabits logo and a newly designed website that mirrors our philosophy and dedication. Every element of our rebrand, from colors to design, embodies our passion for data security and our vision for the future.

Broadening Our Horizons: New Service Offerings

In our commitment to addressing modern challenges and ensuring our clients have a holistic data management experience, we're introducing:

  • Data Transformation Assessment Services for Microsoft Teams: In the age of collaborative workspaces, Microsoft Teams has become indispensable for many. Our new service aims to ensure businesses can optimize and securely transform their data landscape within Teams.

  • Data Migration Services for Microsoft Teams: Transitioning data shouldn’t be a daunting task. With our expertise, we ensure a smooth, secure, and efficient migration of your data onto Microsoft Teams.

To the Future, Together

The journey of Eevabits has been incredible, thanks to our dedicated team and the invaluable trust of our clients and community. Our new look and services are just the beginning. We're poised for a future filled with innovation, resilience, and unwavering dedication to our mission.

As we step into this exhilarating new chapter, we invite you to explore our new website, engage with our reimagined brand, and continue to rely on our ever-expanding suite of services.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. Here's to writing many more chapters, together.

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